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For National Coffee Day, Visit a Coffee Mecca

Seattle may be the unofficial coffee capital of the U.S., not to mention a world center for coffee roasting and coffee supply chain management.
This is where Starbucks is headquartered, sure. But did you know that in Seattle, residents consume more coffee than in any other American city?
Naturally, you should come to Seattle to taste the city’s favorite drink on September 29th - National Coffee Day.

Try a Coffee Shop Hop for Things to Do in Seattle

The nationally recognized day for a cup of joe is the perfect time to visit Seattle and discover its famous coffee scene.
A coffee shop dots almost every block, with a whopping 35 shops per 100,000 people. Starbucks itself is the largest retailer. Founded in Pike Place Market in 1971, its business has since exploded.
Starbucks isn’t the only option, though it’s worth your time to hop over to the original Pike Place location. Other wonderful spots include Lake Café & Lounge, Voxx Coffee, Café Umbria, Motofish, and many more. Try one or try them all!
Meanwhile, plan your coffee pilgrimage in advance to make the most of great hotel deals, such as Bellevue Hilton’s advance purchase rates. It’s only a short jaunt from Bellevue to Seattle, which perfectly places you to experience the city and its rich coffee history.

How to Get Free Coffee on Coffee Day

In fact, in honor of Coffee Day, from September 26-29, Hilton Bellevue is handing out one free coffee vouchers per adult at check-in, good for a drink at the in-house coffee bar. We serve up high-quality Starbucks coffee in our hotel’s atrium, which is a great location to relax and sip some gourmet coffee, meet friends for a chat, or bring your mobile device to connect to our complimentary wireless Internet.

Get your coffee and a great stay rolled into one when you come and enjoy our accommodations at Bellevue Hilton.